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Y59 – Our brand-new block-based WordPress theme

Modern Frontend

In our all-fresh theme called Yours59 (or Y59), we have adjusted everything to Gutenberg and block-based editing and implemented some modern best practices in frontend web development.

  • Adding certain filters to core blocks, allowing us to add options for core-blocks (e.g. Animations, Custom Spacings, Options like “Hide for small screens”)
  • Implemented a mechanism to overwrite the core block settings when we do not agree.
  • dropped more than 3/4 of CSS used in the standard wp-block-library
  • replaced SASS Variable with CSS Custom Properties.
  • kicked jQuery out of the frontend
  • implemented more modern Web APIs like Intersection Observer or Resize Observer, instead of writing slow “scroll’ or ‘resize’ Listeners
  • kicked out zurb foundation frontend framework, resulting in around 40KB of CSS (including styles for animations and things like slideshows)
  • Y59 makes use of Modern CSS-Standards like:
    • flexbox and grid
    • CSS custom variables
    • object-fit for images and backgrounds
    • calc, min, max, clamp for e.g. responsive font-sizes
    • viewport units (vw,vh) for sections like heros
    • scroll-margin/padding/snap for things like scroll-snapping or adjustments for fixed headers
    • sticky elements to keep elements in the viewport for a while.
  • All Markup and JS is prepared so that it is compatible with SWUP. So we can have app-like page transitions.

Each of these little improvements subtracts a couple of milliseconds from loading and processing time. In sum, they make a noticeable difference to most other sites out there.

Some bandwidth to waste

Y59 makes just a few HTTP-requests for JavaScript and CSS files. Since it is carefully crafted theses files have a rather small file-size. That’s why there is still some space for additional libraries without a performance drop-down.

lighthouse web performance score

A noticeable performance advantage

Speedy loading and displaying websites is one of the most positive user experiences. Not only do users honor speedy sites, but also search engines take it as a ranking measure.

Our WordPress Systems get all green lights from google page speed insights/lighthouse and reach at least a score of 80%, even if pages are packed with media.

But beside all these measures and stats, more important is that you can actually feel the speed!