We offer modern and reliable content management systems on the basis of WordPress. They come with the new WordPress block-editor called Gutenberg. By switching to Gutenberg we reduced development afford immensely and are now able to deliver WordPress sites in days not weeks.

An all-fresh block-based system

equipped with a bunch of Gutenberg best practices we are finally able to deliver block-based systems with limitless layout options and a growing pool of features

For Designers and Agencies

We offer a new way of building websites

Why you should take the step
into block-based wordPress

The good thing about a block-based approach is, that once you know how to use such a system, you will be able to build another, different website on your own.

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to change the color of a headline but your web dude is not available?
With a block-based approach, this will never happen. Your web-dude (we?) will not provide you with a strict corset for your content. Rather you will get a pattern you can add to your page. This pattern defines the general layout of this particular section.
Inside these patterns, you can change all the little details, like colors, spacing, etc.

If you are an agency or designer you probably already have a system at hand.
It’s good to know a system you can handle.
But have you ever gotten to a point where you tried to build something which just doesn’t work?
Or are you missing a certain type of layout you can not produce with your workflow?
With a pattern-based approach, the amount of opportunities is widening and some doors will open.

When you just want to publish a couple of ever same blog-posts you don’t need all this.
Anyway – we live in a time and world where everything competes with millions of other beautiful things.
So your content needs to stand out in order to get the attention it deserves.
Should all your creative output be presented in the ever same form?
We guess not.
With our block-patterns your precious ideas finally can get the form which amplifies their messages best.

The good thing about a pattern-based approach is that it can be used on every website using wordPress, with just minimal afford.
More on this soon.

Once you learned the basics of working with the Block-Editor, composing and curating content is much more fun than before. Using classic editor, or one of these jQuery-based page-builders (which do not even support CRTL+Z) will feel like using Windows 98.
And you will never have to ask your designer or developer again for making some small changes.

Working with gutenberg editor and pattern-based -templates accelerates the process of building custom wordPress sites enormously.
It can be days (or even hours) instead of weeks.

And there will be more time to work on content and user experience, instead of defining custom fields and strip them together in PHP-templates or make.