Text replacement animations

A Gutenberg plugin that allows us to replace and animate parts of texts. It’s available inside all kinds of blocks like headings and comes with a bunch of options like underline.

Custom Spacings for Core Blocks

A Gutenberg plugin that allows to finetune the spacings of core-blocks. That means, setting margin and padding for three viewport sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile). It also allows negative spacings.

This plugin is published as an official WordPress plugin.

Screenshot of the plugin in WordPress Backend

Animate Core Blocks

A Gutenberg plugin that adds a Panel to Inspector allowing you to animate Core-Blocks.

A scrrenshot of wordpress-backend showing plugin

Matomo Connect

A plugin that allows you to integrate matomo data in WordPress and can be used for things like “popular posts” or “Most read posts”.
It’s made as a simple alternative to WordPress.com stats (jetpack) and is GDPR / DSGVO safe (do not send your user’s data around the internets ( like i.e. jetpack does).

  • gives you an options page to connect to a matomo instance
  • by default, it queries matomo for the “most popular posts of today”
  • provides dashboard widgets showing simple stats in the backend (see screenshot)
  • caches results in a transient
  • JS is used to render the results

We made this plugin for kunstundfilm.de

5-star-rating Block

This is the frontend component we implement for a project where we connect a WordPress site to Google My Business.
The plugin is not on WordPress only on Github.

screen capture of the wordpress backend using 5-star-rating-block